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¡Vamos Ya !

Guillaume Lopez: vocals, flutes, artistic direction

Maryam Chemirani: vocals

Keyvan Chemirani: Iranian percussion, santourKiko Ruiz: flamenco guitar, vocalsJean-Christophe Cholet: piano, arrangementsLois Navarro: bassAlfonso Bravo: sound engineerJean-François Desboeufs: lightsMaxime Lopez: stage manager

¡Vamos ya! is a musical and poetical trip through Mediterranean lands; the tones of traditional instruments lead the way (flamenco guitar, percussion…) while the jazz piano and the bass widen the horizons.

The voices of the three performers, Maryam, Kiko and Guillaume, either solo or together, convey a vibrant emotion by singing old days’ and today’s poems; (Saadi, Hafez, Garcia Lorca, Alem Surre-Garcia). A subtle blend of voices getting into conversations in Spanish, Occitan, French and Persian. The audience is invited to join into a dream, both romantic and explosive.

 Creation 2019 - Le CAMOM Cie Guillaume Lopez-

co-produced by L'Estive, National Scene of Foix and National Scene of Albi, with the support of the Maison de la Musique de Cap'Découverte

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