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Miss Kiss

L’expérience de la liberté

Jean-Christophe Cholet, piano

Vincent Mascart, sax

Quentin Cholet, drums

Jean-Christophe Cholet goes on with his adventure in trio, laboratory of intergenerational encounter. This line-up piano/bass/drums enables him to fully express his deep and tough dense piano playing and to cross his work with the young generation.
Be it in a small jazz club in Europe or in a Concert Hall in Chine, this trio has already played around 100 concerts all over the world. The album released in 2017 was a new step in this adventure, which will go on in 2018 with new gigs in Europe and Asia.
2018 marks a new step in this adventure as instrumentation is evolving: after the classical piano-double bass-drums trio, double bass is now replaced by saxophones with Vincent Mascart which create a more modern sound. This new project will enable Jean-Christophe Cholet to strenghten his work of melodist and to write more modern music.

'Each time I listened to his music I found it excellent, and this time again. It's always perfectly written and it's the case here again. (…) Jean-Christophe Cholet is a major figure of French jazz scene and this album confirms this fact once more. (translated from) Ludovic Florin, Jazz Magazine  (June 2017)

'Great sound of trio. When one hears this elegance, one obviously thinks of delicious pianists such as Richie Beirach or Kenny Baron, with whom Jean-Christophe studied when he was younger.' (translated from) Alex Dutilh, Broadcast « Open Jazz » France Musique (May 2017) 
'Each time you listen, far from getting bored, you discover some new pleasure, the discovery of a subtlety that the completion of the whole had kept hidden from your ears… (…) All this gives us a very coherent album, melodious and groovy, quite 'classical' but all the most very nice, soothed and soothing in these times of unbridled improvisation not always very well mastered.' (translated from) Jean-Louis Derenne, Ojazz (May 2017)
'An elegant album which proposes some remarkable tunes: among them, Xingang Road , Petithomme or Lili, that opens the ball and that is very close to Mehldau in the exposition of the theme.' (translated from) Louis Victor Michaud, Jazz News (June 2017)
'Initiatives (…) is always attached to melodic subjects, clearness of the musical speech, without any excitation, which does not mean, and far from it, that there is no swing, nor groove.  (…) Initiatives marries the soul of jazz to a classical sense, without giving the impression of breaking codes, but taking initiatives over a base of intellectuality. It's a wonderful piece of work by craftworkers and artisans of the music.' (translated from) Philippe Lesage, Djam (May 2017)
'Behind a very innovative Jean-Christophe Cholet, inspired, always creative, 'Initiatives' Trio is based on a will to share an original experience where openness to a different musical culture is omnipresent. A really beautiful opus'( translated from) Laurent Bonnefoy, Radio 16 / Clap Coop (April 2017)

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