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Back in Tunisia

Jean-Christophe Cholet, piano, compositions

Geoffroy De Masure, trombone, compositions

Iyadh Labbene, violin

Dorsaf Hamdani, vocal

Vincent Mascart, saxophones

Geoffroy Tamisier, trumpet and flugelhorn

Linley Marthe, bass

Karim Ziad, drums

'Back in Tunisia' is a project which proposes to gather on stage the refinement of Arab music and singing with the burning ember of the rhythms of current jazz. The art of the maqâms (modal essence of Arab music) associated with rich harmonic progressions, the subtle art of variation confronted with the one of an unslung collective improvisation already let imagine the richness of this project. A second opus which will be, just like the first one, a festive program, extremely colorful, demanding, full of energy, emotions and sharing!

'It's a fusion music, in every sens of the word: jazz fusion sometimes a bit soul funk, mixed with traditional Tunisian elements, or with integrations in a jazz language of the melisms of music from accorss the Mediterranean. Both the singer and the violonist are at ease with the language of jazz, and the vocalist gives a scat that eloquently proves it. A propulsive rhythm, with the virtuoso bass of Linley Marthe, the polyrhythmic fervour of Karim Ziad, and the inspired precision by Jean-Christophe Cholet. The blowers are flawless, and all the three of high level, in section as in solo: in short it is infinitely alive, and musically very substantial.' (translated from) Xavier Prévost - France Musique

'From the first notes the audience is seduced by the purity of the sound that allows to highlight the qualities of every musician. (...) The brass section shines and sparkles, while the drummer and the bassist deploy a phenomenal groove, serving the cohesion of the band. For his part, Jean-Christophe Cholet impresses with marvellous instrumental flights at the piano, acclaimed by admiring and approving looks, both in the audience and on stage' (translated from) Denis Pondaven

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