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Hymne à la nuit

Elise Caron, lead vocal

Jean-Christophe Cholet, piano, compositions & direction

Heiri Känzig, double bass

Marcel Papaux, drums

Choeur Arsys Bourgogne

This unclassifiable show invites the fans of jazz and literature, those who have a passion for improvisation and those who go crazy for vocal art ... to cross, to meet, to be… curious!

The touch of madness of Jean-Christophe Cholet was without any doubt needed to embark in such an adventure. This work was constructed from extracts of "Gedichte an die Nacht" by Rainer Maria Rilke and of "Hymnen an die Nacht" major text of the German Romanticism and ultimate masterpiece by Novalis. This musical show contains, around the poetic singing represented by the masterly singer and actress Elise Caron, cultural and musical worlds as distant as those of a modern jazz trio and of a classical vocal ensemble of high flight. The voices of Novalis and Rilke will never have resounded in such a lively and contemporary manner!

The composer knew how to find a balance and to create osmosis between the Cholet Känzig Papaux Trio, Choeur Arsys Bourgogne and the singer and improviser Elise Caron. A unique and rich experience for the musicians and singers who approached this new repertoire with great enthusiasm.

"An extraordinary sound alloy, where everyone finds not only their place but their necessity." The ENA newspaper, 2010

"We are above all impressed by the complex, rigorous and constantly balanced alchemy between these entities that are a priori very distant." Franpi Barriaux, Citizen Jazz, June 2011

"This album is like a canvas of contemporary art, filled with a jazz crossed by other inspirations, symphony, literature. It's voluptuous to listen to, following the very beautiful voice of Elise Caron. Remarkable." Savoy, 2011

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