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Duo Matthieu Michel / JC Cholet
(& Guests)

Matthieu Michel, trumpet & flugelhorn

Jean-Christophe Cholet, piano


Didier Ithursarry, accordion

Heiri Känzig, double bass

Ramon Lopez, drums

Everything started some 20 years ago, as JC Cholet und Matthieu Michel met during a creation with Mathias Rüegg (Vienna Art Orchestra). They have always met each other since then, with a lot of pleasure and respect, be it professionally or for fun. 

2 albums have marked this complicity:  Benji (1998), in Duo, and Whispers (2016), on which Ramon Lopez (Drums) and Didier Ithursarry (Accordeon) were spontaneaously invited.  

The complementarity of the duet illustrates the obvious fact of the collaboration, which enables to dress the space with few notes, without ever giving way to an impression of space. Invited to share this singular moment, Ramon Lopez and Didier Ithursarry complete the compositions of the duet without ever deforming them. The original breath for two takes a new dimension for three or four. An ease in the interaction between the musicians which proves to what extent this Whispers was conceived of the best of the manners: a searchfor perusal and for simplicity, opening the way to the fluid expression of singings profoundly lively and personal.
Continuing in this will of opening, the quartet will enrich itself of the presence of the Swiss double bassist Heiri Känzig for its next creation. Having shared the scene during 15 years with Jean-Christophe Cholet within Cholet Känzig Papaux trio, Heiri Känzig will complete this intense and deep music thanks to the unique curvature of the sound of double bass which characterizes him. Just like for Whispers, the instrumentation of rooms will be variable and diverse: duet, trio, quartet or quintet.

'Transported music, in impressionistic colors dipped from masters of a sound-picturesque jazz'  (translated from) Berthold Klostermann – Stereo Magazin + FonoForum

 'The listener can just let himself be transported in this space with a fruitful imagination where overflows the melodic sweetness and the finesse of the timbres' (translated from) Yves Dorison – Culture Jazz

'Throughout the tunes, it's a journey into nuances, where time takes its time, even on medium fast tempo, as to tell us that music requires this benevolent stretching of time, to allow beauty to settle in.' (translated from) Xavier Prévost – Les dernières nouvelles du jazz

 'Several tunes retain a strong power of seduction. Yeong Gam, a conversation between drums and piano, Relax and Easy, a song in which the double bass sings almost as much as the bugle, Mondstein and Choral 2 that Jean-Christophe Cholet and Matthieu Michel share, are the magical moments' (translated from) Pierre de Chocqueuse – Blog de Choc

'Flowing sound, hypnotic magic, subtle music' Jazzthing

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