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Création 2022

LARGE Whispers

Jean-Christophe Cholet, piano, direction, composition
Matthieu Michel, trumpet and flugelhorn
Didier Ithursarry, accordion
Sara Chenal, violin

Virginie Turban, violin

Catherine Demonchy, viola

Claire-Lise Demettre, cello
Fred Chiffoleau, double bass

Boris Darley, sound

Created in 2000, the large ensemble Diagonal of pianist Jean-Christophe Cholet will offer a new creation in 2022.


Jean-Christophe Cholet is used to the exercise of musical crossings in his previous programmes (Suite Alpestre, English Sounds, Slavonic Tone, French Touch, Nights in Tunisia...), and this time, thanks to this new programme, he will celebrate two anniversaries: the 30th anniversary of his duo with Swiss trumpet player Matthieu Michel and the 25th anniversary of Diagonal. The duo will become an octet, with their accomplice Didier Ithursarry on accordion, the Swiss double bass player Patrice Moret and the string quartet Sine qua non.


The writing will be sober and poetic, and will combine the chamber character of the group and the importance given to the sound of the ensemble, while leaving a large place to improvisation.


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