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Jean-Christophe Cholet is a French pianist and composer.

His work is rich and varied, with one constant quality – cross-cultural artistry. He likes to blend contemporary harmonies with traditional tunes, jazz trio with a classical choir or instruments that were never intended to be heard together. His work draws on the great composers, his encounters with the great masters of jazz and the huge gamut of traditional and popular music.

Beyond this eclecticism and diversity, we can recognise him in his impressionist colours, his style of composition for large groupings and the rich and deep quality of the material he draws on. He has the knack of surrounding himself with musicians who understand the need for diversity and, above all, quality.

Whether playing a piano solo or in a great orchestra, in a small jazz club in Europe or a concert hall in China, he has performed all over the world and produced a collection of 400 compositions.

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