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Jean-Christophe Cholet - Short improvisation #8
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Jean-Christophe Cholet is back from Seoul where he was touring with Soojin Suh, drums and Hoo Kim, double bass on an original repertoire composed for the occasion.


With this new programme, Jean-Christophe Cholet celebrates two anniversaries: the 30th anniversary of his duo with Swiss trumpeter Matthieu Michel and the 25th anniversary of his big line-up Diagonal. The duo thus becomes an octet, and in fact a double quartet, a jazz quartet with their accomplice Didier Ithursarry on accordion,  double bass player Fred Chiffoleau and the string quartet Sine qua non.

Swiss trumpeter Matthieu Michel, who has been sharing the stage with Jean-Christophe Cholet for more than 25 years, has just been awarded the "European Musician Prize" by the Académie du Jazz. Congratulations to him! 

26.11.2022 - Seoul (KR), CJ Azit - JC Cholet x Soojin Suh x Hoo Kim

29.11.2022 - Seoul (KR), house concert - JC Cholet x Soojin Suh x Hoo Kim

02.12.2022 - Jeonju (KR), Vine Hall - JC Cholet x Soojin Suh x Hoo Kim

03.12.2022 - Seoul (KR), Mullae Jazz - JC Cholet x Soojin Suh x Hoo Kim

04.12.2022 - Ulsan (KR), Music Lounge - JC Cholet x Soojin Suh x Hoo Kim

05.12.2022 - Seoul (KR), Sound Dog Jazz Club - JC Cholet x Soojin Suh x Hoo Kim

du 15 au 19.02.2023 - Paucourt (45), Studio de la Motte - Enregistrement Large Whispers 

24.02.2023 - Basel (CH), Tinguely Museum / Roche’n’Jazz - Extended Whispers Quintet (16h)

24.02.2023 - Basel (CH), Bird’s Eye - Extended Whispers Quintet (21h)

25.02.2023 - Basel (CH), Bird’s Eye - Extended Whispers Quintet 

du 31.03 au 04.04.2023 - Paucourt (45), Studio de la Motte - Residency D O U B L E   V I S I O N 

13.04.2023 - Schaffhause (CH), KiK Kultur im Kammgarn - Whispers

du 18 au 30.04.2023 - Indian Tour - Miss Kiss

16.05.2023 - Kanazawa (JP),  Mokkiriya - Piano Solo 

17.05.2023 - Niigita (JP), Jazz Flash - Piano Solo 

18.05.2023 - Jyoetsu (JP), La Sone - Piano Solo   

19.05.2023 - Tokyo (JP), Haretara Sorani Mame Maite - Piano Solo 

20.05.2023 - Kashiwa (JP), Nardis - Piano Solo (après-midi)

20.05.2023 - Yokohama (JP), Airgin - Piano Solo (soir)

21.05.2023 - Chiba (JP), Jazz Spot Candy - Piano Solo

25.05.2023 - La Chapelle St Mesmin (F), Espace Béraire - Performance

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